Description: Create a scalable, cost effective ID system based on biometrics – ten finger fingerprints, two irises – The centerpiece of this ID system is a hard card that includes the biometric data. The card is meant to authenticate the holder of the card as the owner of the card. The card itself is issued by an authority that can guarantee confidentiality, integrity of information. Once the person authenticates that they are the owner of the card by matching their eye scan and fingerprints against the biometric data, the card will act as a portal so that they can access the financial services they need. Note that the card can also be positioned to act as a portal for accessing whatever on-premises and online social services they need. The app that I am building is a cloud based service that is designed to collect whatever personal data is available to crosscheck with the biometrics data. The app itself is a small part of the system. The full system will include data analytics because we are definitely out to collect data on the false positives and false negatives of biometric identification. We want to know if we can improve on our methods and we want to develop fallback procedures for generating IDs for those who fail biometrics data collection e.g. no hands and no eyes.

Judge Comments

alicia.carmona Not sure it how it connects to real world problems. I know it does but I’m not sure it’s been considered fully here.

christopher.moyser Demo didnt work check back

James Carlyle hardware card for identity data management – iris + fingerprint. authentication at front end. centralisation of biometric hash – no double identity

sarahfmunro Uses biometric – iris & 10 fingers Authentication through iris scan Can’t see prototype Uses the Indian biometric program as the basis – ensure there is no duplication

Lubaina.manji multi factor authentication

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