We’re challenging World 2, and built this mobile app with iOS and Parse.

Judge Comments

alicia.carmona Well thought out in terms of the psychology of consumer behavior. And well connected to bank’s value points. Thoughtful.

Chris Maddern Great presenter.

James Carlyle Great concept, simple, attractive, easy to understand for consumers, protects brand

sarahfmunro Variable unpredictable rewards Good UX Data will be be used to analysis on risk profiles – interesting use data Not entirely randomised- can be controlled by the company?

deepa_sudeep cool

Derek White Cool. Very good presentation. Love perking. Real gamification of rewards.

Ryan Shea Nice interface. Seems creative enough.

christopher.moyser Random based rewards

The Hexagonal Loop

Digital document signing and authentication


Seamless onboarding with Aadhar Card Verification

Last Moment

Digital document verification and on boarding


KYC through the Blockchain


An Aadhaar card integrated with important documents online


Automating and digitizing verification and authentication


Streamline the KYC process, with full protection for privacy


A central e-KYC service for registered organisations

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