The unbanked and un-identified are not able to get loans for more reasons than just a fixed income. 1-800-LENDERZ solves every problem so that the Unbanked can become banked and secure a loan that could potentially change their lives forever! We use a combination of crowdsourcing and FDIC compliant regulation we help the an Unbanked Borrower get the credentials and the guarantees they need to GET THAT LOAN! We have several categories for the borrower so that they can build their profile for our crowd of guarantors. • Merchants • Education • Entrepreneurship • Training • Technology (inventions, new product ideas) • Adventure We’re 1-800-LENDERZ! With a ‘Z’! The Z is for ZERO PROBLEMS

Judge Comments

Ryan Shea Interesting, but wasn’t able to see any functionality.

sarahfmunro Crowd funding loans, good for social inclusion Uses a pre-paid card to deliver funds

alicia.carmona Nicely thought through and explained from lender/borrower ends given the time constraints.

Derek White Good creative pitch. Good story. Well orchestrated.

James Carlyle slick ui, well presented, nice use of P2P for individual circumstances. lot of ground covered

Lubaina.manji a new way at looking a crowdfunding and micro loans

deepa_sudeep Very cool system

The Hexagonal Loop

Digital document signing and authentication


Seamless onboarding with Aadhar Card Verification

Last Moment

Digital document verification and on boarding


KYC through the Blockchain


An Aadhaar card integrated with important documents online


Automating and digitizing verification and authentication


Streamline the KYC process, with full protection for privacy


A central e-KYC service for registered organisations

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