Smart contracting of the future.

Judge Comments

Derek White Good presentation. Didn’t have time to get into the tech in the pitch, covered in Q&A. Unclear how this is differentiated from other online contractual platforms.

Ryan Shea Seemed pretty applicable to banking problems. UX was not very good. Technology was low. Creativity was ok

alicia.carmona Clearly presented and articulated w respect to problem

sarahfmunro Strong UX Weren’t able to use blockchain

Lubaina.manji Shame they couldnt use the block chan but the right idea

deepa_sudeep For standard contracts, it can save a lot of time. For new/difficult contracts, the value prop is not clear

Chris Maddern Technically: Didn’t implement anything interesting from what I could see.

James Carlyle Nice simple UI, pity the blockchain integratio not possible

The Hexagonal Loop

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Digital document verification and on boarding


KYC through the Blockchain


An Aadhaar card integrated with important documents online


Automating and digitizing verification and authentication


Streamline the KYC process, with full protection for privacy


A central e-KYC service for registered organisations

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