A central platform for users who can access and view their rewards from multiple retail shops. Users will be notified of upcoming rewards through this app only. They also don’t have to open up individual apps and also not receive thousands of emails..

Judge Comments

christopher.moyser Grow rewards based platform. Using a plant based UI to help encourage engagement

Derek White Good idea. Concern over interruption the purchase process.

Ryan Shea OK interface. Doesn’t seem that creative.

alicia.carmona Don’t know if the bank can use this (a major problem), or the brands, but I can. Elicited many a lot of good questions from judges, wich is the sign of something that has their attention.

sarahfmunro Centralised rewards programs Get notifications through one app HTML Easy to adopt – use 3D barcodes Not sure that brands will want to disintermediate? Could it work for Smartspend?

deepa_sudeep There are serious questions regarding points ecosystem management

James Carlyle centralisation of rewards – brand protection. nice QR for check-out authentication in-store. simple ui. fun to collect points for tamagoch


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