Judge Comments

Derek White Good UI, creation. a bit naive on the ability to deliver.

sarahfmunro Aggregation, social, alerts Uses yodelee API Get wow points when spent points or give points

James Carlyle reward point sharing amongst friends

christopher.moyser Yodlee aggregates data from multiple loyalty apps. you can buy different rewards from friends based on cloud points

Lubaina.manji structured approach to the problem.

alicia.carmona Nice idea well presented and clearly articulated to customer need, not so much to bank/institutional need. Sharing is a nice feature.

The Hexagonal Loop

Digital document signing and authentication


Seamless onboarding with Aadhar Card Verification

Last Moment

Digital document verification and on boarding


KYC through the Blockchain


An Aadhaar card integrated with important documents online


Automating and digitizing verification and authentication


Streamline the KYC process, with full protection for privacy


A central e-KYC service for registered organisations

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