To allow international talents working/staying in the U.S to have an alternate access to financial products without SSN or FICO credit score

Judge Comments

sarahfmunro Expats target Connect within HR systems Not sure it’s scalable Great presentation

Derek White Very entertaining. A real problem, but not clear how the problem is actually solved. Loved it.

alicia.carmona Great segment to target. Few innovative solutions to that very common problem, and a lot of “frustrated” money floating around.

Ryan Shea I can actually use it and it works, and it has a nice interface.

James Carlyle simple, neat. not sure about confidential hr data. good presenations

deepa_sudeep some concerns remains regarding auth

Lubaina.manji creative use of social with SAP

The Hexagonal Loop

Digital document signing and authentication


Seamless onboarding with Aadhar Card Verification

Last Moment

Digital document verification and on boarding


KYC through the Blockchain


An Aadhaar card integrated with important documents online


Automating and digitizing verification and authentication


Streamline the KYC process, with full protection for privacy


A central e-KYC service for registered organisations

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