November 28th & 29th, 2015
BSE, Mumbai

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Heroes vs. Hackers is a 36-hour hackathon that brings together the top fintech developers in Mumbai to supercharge financial services. Your challenge – create the future of banking, now. 
You may choose one of two factions. Join the Heroes or Hackers. Your team will then be able to compete on one of three worlds for massive prizes. Each world will have one Champion.
These Champions will then be stripped of their powers as the Judges decide their fate. Only one team will be given the honor to serve and protect Mumbai City. They will hold this position until a new war breaks out, where you will have to defend your title.


World 1: War for Mobile Money

The War for Mobile Money has broken out. Consumers are confined to archaic payment solutions that are expensive, restrictive and provide limited value and incentives back to the consumer in their day-to-day spending.

  • Payments are restricted to the infrastructure of a bank or telecommunications provider. This means they can only transact with those using the same provider.
  • Making payments internationally is slow and expensive.
  • There are few smartphone friendly solutions in the current market.
  • There are limited integrated loyalty programmes when making a payment.
  • There are limited integrated payment and financial planning tools.
  • There are limited data and analytics available to merchants on their customers and transactions.

It is your mission to simplify the consumer payment experience.

  • How could the Blockchain help to create a provider agnostic payment solution?
  • How would you reduce the cost/increase the speed of international payments?
  • How could you create a seamless and easy to use smartphone app experience?
  • How would reward loyalty from customers on their transactions?
  • How could you increase data insights available from customers?
  • How could you help customers manage and plan their day-to-day spending?

How will you end the War for Mobile Money – which solution will you create?

World 2: The Merchant Minefield

The World of Merchants has declared a state of confusion. Merchants continue to be bombarded with different payment options for their mobile applications. For merchants to accept payments, there are the following problems:

  • It is time consuming and costly to integrate different payment APIs.
  • Merchants lack the necessary technical resources to integrate APIs.
  • It detracts merchants away from their focus on their customer experience.
  • There is no universal UI layer for merchants to accept multiple payment options.It leads to abandoned sales as customers are forced to pay by leaving the app.
  • It is time consuming for customers to enter their payment data for each transaction.

It is your mission to simplify the merchant payment experience.

  • How could you simplify the process of integrating multiple payment APIs?
  • How could you create a simple merchant UI with multiple payment options?
  • How could you create a seamless in app multi-payment experience?
  • How could you simplify the customer journey for making an in-app payment?
  • How could you create a repeatable method for customers to be identified quickly to make an in-app payment?

The World of Merchants needs its champion to take it out of its state of confusion – could it be you?

World 3: The Identity Crisis

Every banking customer has it’s own unique identity and it’s very critical for the banking world. The customer identity is on a way to digital liberalisation but part of it is still trapped in the physical world. The banking world has declared a war to end the inefficiencies of paperwork and physical identification. The banking world needs the customer identity to be set free in the digital world so that it can end the inefficiencies of documentation and paper work. Currently there is no seamless (digital) way of on-boarding customers for a fully KYC enabled mobile wallet or a bank account.

It is your mission to create a simplified customer on-boarding experience.

  • How could you simplify the process of customer authentication?
  • The government authorities need lot of documents for customer verification. How could you create a completely digital verification that fulfill the set requirements of both the Regulators as well as the Bank?
  • How could you create an in-app seamless on-boarding experience, that include authentication, fulfillment of know your customer (KYC) policy, and signature requirements?

The World of Banks needs its champion to take it out of its state of inefficiency– could it be you?


World 1

Winners: ₹1,25,000 Team Cash Prize

Runners Up: ₹75,000 Team Cash Prize

World 2

Winners: ₹1,25,000 Team Cash Prize

Runners Up: ₹75,000 Team Cash Prize

World 3

Winners: ₹1,25,000 Team Cash Prize

Runners Up: ₹75,000 Team Cash Prize

Overall Winner

The overall winner from all three worlds will win an opportunity to be supported by Barclays to continue building their solution with the following:
Coworking Space

Free coworking space for each winning team member for 3 months


Access to Rise’s vast mentor network. Meet with the right people to help you succeed.

Rise Ecosystem

Access to Rise Ecosystem and Community Perks

Barclays Accelerator Fast Track

Guaranteed interview for Barclays Accelerator, powered by Techstars

Spot Prizes






Throughout the event, each team will be given a chance to be awarded badges. These badges will win you prizes.
Wayseekers Badge

Furthest Travelled Team

Captain Thunder Badge

5x Spot Prizes for Thunderclap Entrants

Master Social Superfly Badge

Most Social Engagement

Midnight Social Superfly

Most social engagement by midnight

Reflective Badge

Most Epic Team Selfie

Namers Badge

Best Team Name


Registration for this event has now closed.

Executive Partner

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Outreach Partners


Wednesday, November 25th

Pre-Hackathon Meetup – Mumbai
6.30pm IST start time to 8.30pm IST: Come, meet, and build teams ahead of the weekend with pizza and beer while hearing a little more around the problems you’ll be taking on in each world.

Saturday, November 28th

  • 07:30 am On-spot Registrations
  • 08:30 am Opening Ceremony & Sponsor Presentations
  • 09:00 am Breakfast & Team Formations
  • 10:00 am Coding Begins
  • 12:00 pm Lunch
  • 01:00 pm Breakout Sessions
  • 06:00 pm Dinner
  • 12:00 am Midnight Snack

*Although staying overnight isn’t required, we highly recommend it.

Sunday, November 29th

  • 08:00 am Breakfast
  • 12:00 pm Lunch
  • 04:00 pm Coding ends
  • 05:00 pm Pitching/ Judging
  • 06:00 pm Dinner
  • 07:00 pm Awards/Anti-kryptonite Hour
  • 08:00 pm Close


  1. Think big, Start small: Make sure it’s something you can build in 36 hours. What is the simplest thing you can build that provides value? Err on the side of subtracting functionality rather than adding functionality. In lean startup terminology, this is called a minimum viable product (MVP).
  2. The IP: All submissions remain the intellectual property of the individuals or teams that developed them. (Exceptions for Barclays Employees apply, as set for in the Participation Agreement)
  3. The Participation Agreement: All participants are required to sign Terms of Participation in advance of or upon arrival at Heros vs Hackers.
  4. Team Size: A maximum of 5 members are allowed per team.
  5. GitHub for Submissions: Set up a repository on Github at the very start, and remember to commit early and often. It’s much easier to roll back an atomic change, than trying to roll back a bug that was also committed with a bunch of new features.
  6. Code Review: Your GitHub repository may be subjected to a code review as a part of evaluation of your app.
  7. The Real Thing: Demo the application you hacked at the Hackathon. Presentation decks will NOT fetch you brownie points.


Winners of Heroes vs Hackers will be selected by a panel of judges that includes industry leaders as well as representatives from each partnering company.

Each submission will be scored in each round based on the following criteria with a minimum score of 0 and maximum score of 10 points, with the final score being the average of the judges’ scores:

  • Demo: Creating a world-class project, or world-changing one, requires the ability to get others on board.
  • Product Vision: Does the product have the ability to disrupt current markets and capture large market share?
  • Product Design: Does the product have exceptional design attributes that would appeal to the end-user?
  • Accessibility: Does the target user base actually have access to the technology in question
  • Investibility: How attractive would this product be to Investors?
  • Technical Achievement: Evaluate the technical achievement the team has tackled during the event.

All teams must get at least one point in all the above categories. Getting a 0 in any one category will mean they are not eligible to win.


Vidya Laxman

Director of Technology at Tesco India

Sarah Muriuki

Head of Liabilities, Consumer Banking at Barclays Kenya

Arun Gupta

Managing Partner & Director at Ingenium Advisory

Cherian Joseph

Head of Application Delivery – Barclaycard Business Solutions

Stephen Njogu Njenga

IT Director/Country CIO at Barclays Kenya

Arvind Subramanian

Vice-President Strategic Initiatives at Barclays

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